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NME4 May 2022

The Peachskins: the Malaysian indie band that roped Najib Razak into promoting their music

"Earlier in April, the band hosted a survey on their website polling Malaysians about their states of mind. Over 600 people from across the Klang Valley answered The Peachskins’ call to, in line with the flight concept, “check in their emotional baggage”."

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MALAY MAIL14 Apr 2022

The Peachskins take KL by storm with their creative online digital guerilla marketing

"Building up to their release, the band has come up with a cheeky and out-of-the box marketing approach."

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This is how a developer would redesign the MySejahtera app

"On first glance, the UI looks a lot cleaner and pleasant to look at—using about the same colour palette used on the current MySejahtera."

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HYPE09 Jun 2021

What MySejahtera 2.0 Could Look If This Local Developer Designs It

"We can all agree that the MySejahtera app needs to be more user-friendly and cater to all regardless of their level of knowledge in tech."

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LOWYAT.NET08 Jun 2021

Local Developer Reimagines MySejahtera With A Fresher Look and User Experience

"..he said that the genesis of the design was inspired by the discussions with some of his friends regarding how their parents were struggling to use MySejahtera."

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WORLD OF BUZZ31 May 2021

M’sian Designs Upgrades For MySejahtera App To Make It More User-Friendly

"We’ve got to say, we wish these upgrades were real!"

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